Thursday, December 09, 2004

The West Wing - Didja Know?

Did you know that they are still making and airing episodes of "The West Wing?" Me neither. It's apparently still on Wednesday evenings on NBC. I watched it last night for the first time this season (although I'll confess I had read a couple of episode recaps at Television Without Pity). Just to recap myself, last season -- the first since Aaron Sorkin had been given his walking papers and the show had been given over to John Wells (remember him, he ruined ER?) -- was a complete disaster, literally and figuratively. By the end of the season the show was all but unwatchable -- outlandish plots, little or no character development and (worst of all for this show) unbelieveable, leaden dialogue. It was so unwatchable, in fact, that I hadn't bothered turning it on this year. At least until last night.

The good news is that the dialogue, while still far short of Sorkin's best, is at least serviceable and believeable. The people on the show often talk like real people. This was rarely the case last year. Better still, there does seem to be some real plot and character development. From all appearances, the Bartlett administration finally seems to be winding down, leaving its characters -- Josh especially -- with some real decisions regarding their futures.

Might actually be interesting to see where things go.


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