Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Steve & Garry

Yesterday's Tribune had an article about Garry Meier and his recent career troubles in Chicago. Basically he seems to have recreated, at least to an extent, his breakup with Steve Dahl of over a decade ago. This time he broke up with his recent partner Roe Conn at WLS.

Can't say I've really spent a lot of time listening to Meier and Conn. I do still listen a bit to Steve Dahl, although his current incarnation is a bit soft and a bit contrived. Honestly it sounds more like (gasp) Wally Phillips than the Dahl of his heyday.

It did get me thinking, though, of just how great Dahl and Meier were together all through the 1980's. Always interesting, always provocative. Never soft and never contrived, in other words. A bit like Howard Stern & Robin Quivers during their news segments -- only for a full five hours rather than the 30-45 minutes of "hurry-up" offense that Stern now puts that segment through. The show was good enough that I well recall staying up (on Friday's anyway) for a rebroadcast of the show which would begin at 1 a.m. The perfect content for my secret vice of listening to the radio in bed in the dark. Sorry that that partnership had to end, but I guess that the creativity probably would have died on its own anyway.


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