Sunday, June 19, 2005


After many months of intermittent practice, The Band That Hath No Name (aka "Human Pudding") aired publicly for the first time at the annual Laurx family bash last night. Here are some pics (thanks to Cait for the pics & vids) ...

Brother Joe

... Brother Joe in concert finery ...


... Seabird in full emote ...


... Steve holding down the beat ...


... Dan makin' with the chordage ...


... and Your's Truly staring at the frets.

Here's a little bit of video of "Take Me To The River" (may require a little patience while the video loads, as well as a strong stomach for the out-of-control cameraman), some video of "Cars," and a little piece called "Dan Searches For The Elusive Pick."

The set list (as near as I can remember it, anyway):
  1. Pride And Joy
  2. Rock 'n' Roll Dreams
  3. Psycho Killer
  4. Cars
  5. Take Me To The River
  6. Sugar Mountain
  7. Heaven
  8. Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)
  9. Sympathy For The Devil + "Drum Solo!"
  10. Dead Flowers
  11. Justice For Barry
  12. Wicked Game
  13. Honky Tonk Woman
  14. White Rabbit
  15. Postcard Relationship
  16. Rockin' In The Free World
  17. Surrender
Despite some missed notes by the bass player ("Sugar Mountain" continues to be my bête noire) all went well ... even the dead-miked audience participation portions of the show!


At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest father... I am much obliged to be in this so called "blog" which you have to kindly allowed me to be in. For now, I am famous, although saying this three words does not accurently state it's meaning. For I was all ready famous, in the minds of my beloved fans of my bassing and violining and pianoing. I would once again like to thankest thee for thou has put me into a "blog" which has made me famous as "the camera man". (Although this is an understatement.) I thankest thee.... Cait-th Ireen-th


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