Monday, August 29, 2005


Went to see Cracker on Saturday at, of all places, the Palatine Street Fest.

Well, sort of.

Not sure how this wildly improbable confluence came together, but the show was free and within a few yards of plenty of deep-fried food, so how could it be missed?

After an odd introduction from Palatine Mayor-for-Life Rita Mullins (at which she announced the entire City Council and Little Feat(?) before finally introducing the band), Cracker took the stage to thunderous applause and ... a five minute wait as Johnny Hickman tried to get his guitar to make some noise (this despite the fact that a roadie (ex-roadie?) spent 20 minutes working on it beforehand).

Now I'll be the first to admit that I'd kind of lost touch with this band since their first couple of records, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. With its intimate ties to my lovely Camper Van, though, they couldn't be bad.

They rocked.

Despite the bass being cranked to the point of distortion, they sounded great and played like the pros they are. Second song in, they went for the throat with "Teen Angst," and the crowd was theirs.

But here's where reality intruded. We had made the decision to bring along 12-year-old Tess. At least from my perspective -- bad decision. Despite the fact that we were 20 feet from the stage, when the time came for her to repeatedly make "that let's go face" her mother melted and it was time to go -- barely half-a-dozen or so songs into the set!


Oh, well. Given the price of admission -- nothin' -- I guess I can't complain. But the band was a bit of a revelation, nonetheless and it was worth it even for just a few.


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