Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Key To The Season?

The Cats played their second and final exhibition game last night in Lexington, defeating the Kentucky (and D-III) version of Georgetown, 85-63.

The star of the game was Rekalin Sims, a JC transfer who is expected to take Chuck Hayes' place in the 4 spot -- to the tune of 22 points, 11 boards, 3 assists, 2 blocks & 2 steals.

While this was obviously against inferior competition, it is welcome news. It has been said that Sims is the key to the season, since "No one expects Hayes and (Kelenna) Azubuike to be completely replaced, but there isn’t a candidate to impersonate those guys for long periods of time."

I don't quite agree with the idea that no one can replace these two. As a matter of fact, I expect that Joe Crawford (15 points in 17 minutes last night) is very likely to replace Kelenna without much of a dropoff.

Replacing Hayes will be much more difficult, hence the very real importance of Sims in the equation (although the eventual resolution of the Randolph Morris situation is probably of equal importance).

However, I'm not so sure about Pomeroy's postulation that the offense will be very marginal. I fully expect that all of the sophs (Rajon Rondo & Ramel Bradley as well as Morris & Crawford) will take big steps forward on offense -- more than enough to make up for and exceed the lost firepower of Hayes & Azubuike.

But we'll see -- the real season starts Sunday (although the competition, South Dakota State, will hardly be any better).


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