Friday, December 02, 2005

Ummmm, WTF?!?!

Our current Representative in Congress (IL-8th) is Melissa Bean, that rarest of all breeds, a Democrat from a heavily Republican District. She gained her seat by beating Phil Crane, a 74-year old 30+ year Congressional vet who had generally become regarded as out of touch with his constituents, if not reality.

Her tenure in Washington has been generally non-descript, as you might imagine from a backbencher in an all but completely negated minority party. Her only vote of any notoriety was her "Yes" vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), which has earned her no small amount of enmity from organized labor (such as it exists in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago).

All of which means that the Illinois 8th is at the top of the list of districts in play in the 2006 election -- one of only a few dozen such districts nationally. This in turn means that we've been getting Republican campaign literature in the mail for months (the Illinois primary is in March).

Normally I immediately throw these out, but I got one today that absolutely caught my eye -- probably not for the reasons intended by the candidate.

Someone named Kathy Salvi is among the phalanx of Republicans vying for the seat, and this arrived in the mail today (click to enlarge):

Now, leaving aside the fact that Hillary Clinton is hardly a "liberal," couldn't they have found a picture of her dated sometime later than 1992? Governor Rod Blagojevich is not exactly popular these days, so I can see that, but I have no idea in the world who the guy in the lower left hand corner is -- Dick Durbin, maybe?

But the star of the show has to be this guy (please click to enlarge):

What the .....?

This is supposed to be...what? The typical Melissa Bean voter? Her congressional advisor? Abbie Hoffman?

What kills me is that someone in the Salvi "campaign" looked at this and said "Yes, that's our message! THAT will get us to Washington!"

I guess what would be worse is the someone who would look at it and decide, "THAT is who I have to vote for!"


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