Wednesday, January 04, 2006

It Could Have Been Worse?

... and then came Central Florida.

Other than Rajon Rondo's game-winner averting the complete disaster of a loss, what at all positive can come of this latest Wildcat travesty?

Ramel Bradley, I suppose, has to have won himself a starting job opposite Rajon. 30 minutes of action, 3-4 from the arc, 3-3 from the line, 3 steals. Given the (all too familiar) desultory start (down 7-0 at the first TV timeout), can there be any reason to keep Patrick Sparks in the starting lineup any longer?

I understand that everyone is waiting around for Randolph Morris' return, but can he really be expected to right the ship of this kind of effort? I mean really, outrebounded 36-27 by Central Florida? 40% shooting against Central Florida? These are not good indicators of what might happen against Florida Florida.

The good news is that a 10-3 record is not as bad as it might be. A marquee road game against an erratic opponent (@ Kansas on Saturday) provides an opportunity for a nice lift heading into the SEC (with Morris on the court) next week.

Of course, a repeat effort like this will only serve to lift a shovelful onto this season. Look for Ramel's insertion into the starting lineup to be the penultimate change before a final (and hopefully ready) lineup is locked in next week.


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