Monday, March 20, 2006

Word Test

According to the March 15th survey of America by the Pew Research Center, the #1 word used by Americans to describe the President is ...


29 of the 710 respondents describe our incompetent President as "incompetent." Kudos for your perception, Americans!

The #3 word is "idiot" (21), and #4 is "liar" (17).

What is most interesting is that 26 respondents described him as "incompetent" last July -- months before Katrina, Harriet Miers and illegal domestic wiretapping.

The second most interesting thing is that the "incompetent" describers only rose by 3 after those and other episodes of incompetence.

"Honest" fell from #1 (34) to #6 (14).

The real bump came in the popularity of "idiot" -- from 11 to 21.

I guess some just decided to go straight through "incompetent" to get down to their real feelings.


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