Thursday, May 11, 2006

What Am I Missing?

Apparently the players and fans of Chicago's losingest baseball franchise have recently been worried about the possibility of Barry Bonds hitting his 714th and/or 715th career home run during their recent visit to San Francisco.

Apparently the worry was widespread enough that the Tribune ran a story this morning (in lieu of an actual report from last night's late game) on sports history's "victims."

Ralph Branca is the prototype, of course, but Craig Ehlo, Pat Darcy and Scott Norwood are also featured, among many others.

What I don't get, of course, is why the pitcher who serves up Bonds' 714th would be at all memorable -- or even his 715th. Yes, these homers would tie, then surpass Babe Ruth's lifetime total. But here's the thing -- BABE RUTH DOESN'T HOLD THE RECORD ANYMORE!

Yes, 714 is a famous number in baseball, but isn't 755 equally famous (or shouldn't it be)? Al Downing was the only memorable pitcher to yield someone's 715th homer. What the hell is this all about? Have people managed to forget that Hank Aaron holds this particular record? Or is it the mere possibility that Chicago's losingest baseball franchise might be tied to a non-record-breaking event enough to trot out yet another tired feature story on Ralph Branca?

I guess merely writing about them losing again, day-after-day, year-after-year is even more tired.


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