Saturday, August 19, 2006


A couple of weeks ago I ran across this absolutely fascinating video on YouTube:

It was so intriguing that I ended up getting the full DVD from Netflix. If anything, the hour-long program (actually an episode of VH-1's "Classic Albums" show from 1999) is even better than just the clip.

Aja is pretty much the definition of "classic album," with all its connotations good and bad. The show goes into great detail about how the methods and madness of Becker & Fagen as they pieced together their ultimate collection. As their sometime guitarist Dean Parks put it, their quest was not for perfection. Perfection was just a first step on the way to perfection plus listenability. Play it perfectly, then play it naturally enough that people will want to listen to it forever.

The formula still works, and I highly recommend the DVD.


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