Sunday, April 01, 2007


Freshly returned from a trip to Lexington and Indianapolis.

In Lexington to see the 'rents and sibs, there is the rumor mill surrounding the hoped-for second coming of Billy Donovan, and there is the news of the continuing mess in Iraq, the funding of the mess in Washington, the Attorney General mess in Washington, and the rest of the world's news.

One is important, the rest is just fluff -- and you know which is which.

Thursday it was on to Indianapolis for Cait's club team's volleyball tournament. First time to spend any time in the Circle City, but here it is in a nutshell: Indianapolis is the perfect city for people who don't like cities.

A truly odd cross between indoor/outdoor mall and the world's biggest county seat -- the weekend driving the circuit around Monument Circle is little different from the lineup around the the courthouse square in Harrisburg, the place does have itself situated as just about the perfect place for a tournament featuring hundreds and hundreds of teenage girls, their volleyball teams and their families. Hotels and national-chain restaurants aplenty are found within easy walking distance of the convention center location.

While the actual volleyball didn't go so well for TSA 16-1 Green, Cait's team did get a chance to play inside the RCA Dome on the very ground upon which Peyton Manning trods (well, anyway on a rubberized plastic court snapped together and placed on top of the very ground upon which Peyton Manning trods) -- twice.


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