Saturday, December 18, 2004

Cats v. Incubus

The Cats renew the nation's most torrid basketball rivalry today. They dispatched one rival (Indiana) on the Freedom Hall court last Saturday for the 5th time in a row. Unfortunately, in the series against Louisville the Cats are currently on the short end of a 2 game streak, and Freedom Hall will be much less hospitable this weekend. The Cards are four-point favorites.

Kentucky basketball fans are notoriously neurotic (yours truly no exception), but this game is currently tailor-made to drive us 'round the bend. The reason, of course, is the presence of the incubus on the other end of the court. The Sports Illustrated profile of the Commonwealth included a poll question regarding the "Enemy of the State." The #1 answer -- more than twice as hated as the runner-up (Christian Laettner) -- was, you guessed it, Rick Pitino. This is only the first (although here too, first by a wide margin) of many reasons why this is a much more heated rivalry than North Carolina-Duke. For more reasons, read here.

Good luck Cats, make the traitor pay. No pressure, though.


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