Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Ramblin' Man: The Power Point Outline

  • Opening Existential Statement
    • I am innately a “ramblin’ man;”
    • My actions represent my attempt to procure funds and otherwise exist to the extent of my limited abilities;
    • If there is a requirement for me to travel elsewhere – and there will be -- I believe that it is incumbent upon you to realize that this need to “ramble” is beyond my control.
  • Background Information
    • Father: Fatally incompetent gambler in Georgia
    • Mother: Poverty stricken (e.g., unable to afford personal transportation at the time of my birth)
  • Second Existential Statement
    • It is my nature to “ramble;”
    • My meager needs still require me to work, which I do as well as possible;
    • My nature will compel me to seek other opportunities. Please do not judge me for this. As I have mentioned previously, it is my nature to “ramble.”
  • Current Travel Status
    • Destination City: New Orleans, Louisiana
    • Originating City: Nashville, Tennessee
    • Reasons for Travel:
      • Bayou is the site of uninterrupted revelry;
      • Females near the mouth of the Mississippi River are amenable to my existential nature as described elsewhere.
  • Final Existential Statement
    • The result of evolutionary biology, at least in my case, is an inherent need to “ramble;”
    • Even while meeting this need I am open to opportunities for wealth creation, insofar as they are within the scope of my paltry talents;
    • Hey, the grass is greener. Deal with it.
This one was mine. For about a million more of these from about a million other people, go here.


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