Thursday, July 28, 2005

(S)FU, Nate

After years of putting its characters through the wringer -- doomed relationships, addictive personalities, overwhelming disagreeableness -- Six Feet Under finally went out and plain killed one off this week.


Nate Fisher, perhaps the most disagreeable of a slew of disagreeable characters on the show, had a stroke (heart attack?) mere seconds after climbing out of bed with the daughter of his mother's estranged husband (climbing out with his boxer briefs already on, I might add) -- while his pregnant wife waited patiently (albeit suspiciously) at the local Friends meeting.

Is that the sound of chickens coming home to roost that I hear in the background? A little karmic payback for one of television's most consistent dickwads? As Heather Hrilavsky puts it in Salon:
Nate has always been an ingrate. What's brilliant about him, as a character, is that he embodies the very worst of the so-called sensitive, liberal, enlightened, privileged white world. He has a chushy job, a smart, beautiful wife, a reasonably sane family, and an adorable daughter who never babbles on tediously like most toddlers. So what does Nate do? He goes crawling off to screw a relative stranger and tricks himself into believing that his infidelity is a piece of some greater search for meaning.
(Not sure about that "reasonably sane family" bit, though. Apart from the arguable exception of David, everyone seems pretty much like a complete whack-job to me.)

Sleeping with Maggie was probably as inevitable as it was reprehensible, but the stroke was a bit of a shock nonetheless. Will this be it for Nate? Can't say for sure, since there were no previews at the end of the episode, but things are not looking good for ol' Nate right now.

Luckily though, he had given his final burial instructions just a few scenes prior to his farm purchase -- looks like it's straight into the ground and straight back to Nate-ure for our "hero."


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