Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Verdict: Not That Bad

Well, the wife and I did go see "Must Love Dogs" last night. As noted yesterday, the movie got horrible reviews almost everywhere. Our verdict on the movie? Not great, but nowhere near as bad as some of the reviews would lead you to believe.

Yes, the storyline was standard-grade Hollywood stuff; yes, there were some lines delivered that would not be uttered by real humans; and no, two 40ish men would not spend an afternoon together watching "Doctor Zhivago."

Overall though, the movie managed to be charming and engaging and a pretty decent date movie. I would attribute the largest part of all of those features to the two leads, Diane Lane and John Cusack. Both basically play versions of their standard roles: Lane as "the meltingly hot middle-aged woman looking for someone to treat her right" woman; Cusack as "the boyishly affable on the surface yet with miles of depth just underneath" guy.

They meet cute/miss trains/make nice in age-old Hollywood fashion, and Act III is upon us and somewhat implausably resolved in a nanosecond, but it's all OK mostly because Lane and Cusack are so very likable.


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