Monday, September 12, 2005

On The Beach

Noreen and I went down to North Ave. Beach yesterday for another day of volleyball on the shore.

The weather was outstanding, if somewhat breezy, and the volleyball was ... well it was fun, anyway.

As per usual, it was a Laurx-heavy event, with Brothers Joe, Andy, John & Mike joining Dan to make a fearsome fivesome.

The easy choice for game of the day was my first, joining Mary and Brother Mike to take on Noreen, Norb & Tom.

N, N & T blew out to an easy 9-0 lead vs. our rusty trio and the taunts filled the air. Norb's threat to go get a chair was the last straw, and he eventually did go grab some chair ... after losing 25-22.

The lake made for a refreshing cool down before an early exit. Most went off to find a spot to watch the Bears lose. Noreen and I, though, had more volleyball to play, as it was seeding day for our new Willow Creek team.

That did not go well, and six games later we found ourselves stuck in flight 7 (and that is not good).

The good news is that my bad shoulder came out of the mulit-game volleyball day feeling OK. The additional bad news is that just about every other muscle on both our bodies are hurting pretty bad.



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