Wednesday, October 12, 2005

DualDiscDebacle -- Incoming!

Over the weekend I received my final incoming package from the DualDiscDebacle CD exchange. That made 5, plus an extra. Here's the rundown:

First in was "The Sophomore Mix: Parts I & II" (click to any of these to enlarge):

These came from Jenny in St. Louis. Some good newer stuff (Pelican, Jem, Libertines) and a lot of old-school stuff (Beatles, Stones, Velvets, Clash, Sly Stone, etc.).

Next in was and untitled mix -- with no cover art -- from Templar in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

Hmmmm. Not the greatest amount of effort here, but it did include "Cinnamon Park" by Jill Sobule, which I had been looking for for a while (and no, I'm not going to buy an entire Jill Sobule CD for one song), so that was a plus.

Amy and Anthony were in next with another untitled, uncovered mix:

Some weird coincidences on this one. Both discs include "David Watts" by The Jam (Amy did one, Anthony the other), "White Man In Hammersmith Palais" was also on "The Sophomore Mix", and Ted Leo's "Ghosts" was on my mix. Anyway, a lot of great songs here.

Fourth in was "Brasil/OK" from Rodrigo in Brazil:

The first disc includes Brazilian tunes, and many of them feature a sort of ambient feel (accentuated, no doubt, by the fact that I don't know any Portugese). The standout track is "Tabocas" by Instituto & Z'Africa Brasil. The second disc is somewhat more familiar fare, highlighted by Head Of Femur and Arab Strap.

The last of my expected five, in this weekend, was "Rain/Shine" from Kirsten in North Vancouver, BC:

Both discs feature a nice, subtle vibe and a nice mix of old favs and new (to me) stuff -- which is just what you want out of a mix like this. Really good stuff from one of my favorite places on earth (Vancouver is just the best).

The extra double disc, "Chupacabra/One Eyed Pig," came courtesy of a side swap with Jen:

Great cover art (certainly the best of the lot), and a great set of songs as well -- too many to mention really -- which were also almost certainly the best of the lot.

Thanks to all for the great CDs!


At 12:29 AM, Anonymous jen said...

i wantd to make sure i thanked you for sending what you did. that second DVD was really good. my boyfriend was impressed you included red red meat in one of the 90's mixes. as you can see from my mixes i too am a RRM/Califone fan. I have uploaded your mix and a lot of the others to my ipod and have been enjoying them. thanks again for the side swap with me.

i am happy you liked the cover art as well. i took those like a month before the swap at a local fair.


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