Friday, September 30, 2005

All-Time Fav Bands -- To The Letter

My favorite band for each letter of the alphabet (runners-up in parenthesis)

A - The Arcade Fire
B - Beck (B-52s, The Beatles, Blondie, Blur, David Bowie, Built To Spill)
C - The Clash (Elvis Costello, Camper Van Beethoven, The Cure)
D - The Decemberists
E - The English Beat
F - The Feelies
G - Al Green (Galaxie 500, Gang Of Four, Marvin Gaye, Grandaddy, Green Day)
H - P.J.Harvey (Jimi Hendrix, The Hives, The Hold Steady, House Of Love, Husker Du)
I - Iggy Pop (Since it's not the name he was born with, I'm calling this an "I" not a "P")
J - Joy Division (The Jam, Jesus & Mary Chain, George Jones)
K - Kraftwerk
L - Led Zeppelin (Ted Leo + The Pharmacists, London Suede, Los Lobos, Luna)
M - The Mars Volta (Magic Hour, Maxwell, Bob Mould, My Bloody Valentine)
N - New Order (Neutral Milk Hotel, Randy Newman, Nirvana, North Mississippi All-Stars)
O - Outkast (Oasis)
P - Pixies (Pearl Jam, A Perfect Circle, Pink Floyd, Portishead, Prince, Public Enemy, Pulp)
Q - Queens Of The Stone Age
R - Radiohead (R.E.M., Ramones, The Replacements, Jonathon Richman, Rolling Stones, Roxy Music, Royal Crescent Mob)
S - The Smiths (Sebadoh, The Shins, Sigur Ros, Sleater-Kinney, Sly & The Family Stone, Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith, The Specials, Spoon, Squeeze, Sufjan Stevens, Stone Roses, The Strokes, Superchunk, Matthew Sweet)
T - Talking Heads (Television, Tenacious D, Tool, The Tragically Hip)
U - U2 (Undertones)
V - The Velvet Underground (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Violent Femmes)
W - The White Stripes (Weezer, Wilco, Wire)
X - X (XTC)
Y - Yo La Tengo (Young Fresh Fellows, Young Marble Giants, Neil Young)
Z - Zwan

The letter with the best lineup? While "N", "P" and "R" all have great rosters, it has to be "S." At least three of those bands (Sebadoh, Smiths, Spoon) would be in my Top 20. All of them would probably be in my Top 50.


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, we dusted off 1993 through 2002 in Yosemite and had a great time. Mark said "brilliant" Kate said "lovely" at first, but later said "fab, just fab." Soon my ipod will be full. Thanks, Nora


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