Friday, January 06, 2006


Bill Simmons' Rose Bowl diary was hilarious, as usual.

His evolving takes on Vince Young...
8:40 -- Let's be honest -- there's no way Vince can succeed in the NFL with that throwing motion. It's impossible. It can't happen. I'm telling you. There has never been a successful NFL quarterback who threw like that. And by "that," I mean, "throws like someone who just realized they have dog poop on their hand and is trying to fling it off."

10:55 -- Texas comes roaring back with a seven-play, 80-yard drive, including an awesome 14-yard TD run by Young. Texas 23, USC 17. Screw it, why couldn't some NFL team just run the option with Vince? Wouldn't you rather have him running your team than Charlie Frye or J.P. Losman?

11:11 -- Young scrambles for 45 yards to the USC 20, giving him 150 yards on the night (and counting). Wow. This guy could throw like Costner's Dad in "Field of Dreams" and still thrive in the NFL. Unbelievable. He's killing USC. Now I would put him above Frye, Losman, Gus Frerotte, Brooks Bollinger, Kyle Orton, Mike McMahon, David Carr, Josh McCown, Joey Harrington, Patrick Ramsey, Kyle Boller and all the Detmers. And we're not even in the fourth quarter yet.

11:59 -- This just in: Vince Young is awesome. He just single-handedly kept Texas alive with two crazy scrambles (including a 17-yarder for a TD to cut USC's lead to five). Sure, it's helping that USC is steadfastly refusing to keep extra defenders around the line of scrimmage to contain a guy who doesn't seem like he can successfully throw deep, but still. Fouts sums it up best: "I've never seen anything like him in my life."

12:21 -- Young runs for the 2-point conversion. I now have him ranked above every NFL QB except for Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Carson Palmer.
For anyone who saw the game, you know what he's talking about -- the guy really is like no football player I've ever seen.

Charley Casserly is the GM of the Houston Texans, and the dude has now got one hell of a dilemma. His team had successfully tanked the season closer in OT, thereby winning the Reggie Bush Bowl.

But now the pressure's gonna be enormous on this guy to take Young at #1 (Houston HS & Longhorn legend -- guaranteed ticket-seller) even though he is just the type of unclassifiable player that makes most GMs squirm. The guy's game is unorthodox as hell, but he has so much talent, so much charisma, so much leadership -- so much ability to completely change the way the game is played -- that it is going to become all but impossible to pass on him.

Should be a very interesting run up to the draft in Houston.


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