Thursday, April 06, 2006


So we're back in town for a couple of hours on Sunday when a tree in the neighbors' yard gets hit by lightning. It basically exploded half the tree off, from the top to the ground. Chunks of wood all over both yards -- and some very large chunks of wood at that.

Long story short, it zaps the cable junction box outside (although not the electrical or the phone -- strange...wonderful) ending both TV and internet cable for what turns out to be three days. It also zaps a couple of TVs, a DVD player, a stereo mixer, a sound card, a cable box, a cable modem, a cable splitter, the AV output plugs on another TV ... basically a lot of stuff, but not as much stuff as might have been expected.

See, here's the thing about nature. It doesn't give a rats-ass about anything, and it can be very powerful and very, very scary. Sort of like Paulie Walnuts in the most recent Sopranos.

Well, anyway, welcome back internets. I missed you.


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