Friday, May 12, 2006

Is Fonzie Revving The Bike?

It was hard to watch last night's season-ender of The Office and not wonder if The Fonz wasn't somewhere just off screen getting ready to throttle up the chopper.

In it Jim finally breaks down and confesses his love for Pam, eventually laying the mack-down on her -- which she quickly reciprocates -- in the show's closing moments.

In this the show follows the lead of its BBC forebear. In the last episode of that show's second season Tim lays it all out for Dawn as well, ending their own game of romantic cat-and-mouse.

The trouble for the American cousin is that that was the final episode period for the Brits, leaving no need to either resolve the dilemma of where to take the relationship, or resolve the dilemma of where to take the show once its central tension was released.

As ancient fans of Moonlighting found out, once boy and girl finally suck face it is all too easy for the show to quickly suck as well. Much of the fun of The Office came from Jim and Pam's knowing looks at Michael's boorishness, and their easy banter in response to Dwight's idiocy.

All of that has to be gone now, so what to put in its place? There is, of course, plenty of room to continue to bring the funny, but how they finesse the Jim & Pam while doing it will determine whether Fonzie starts gunning it up that ramp.


At 2:32 AM, Blogger homercat said...

yes but now they have to finesse it the whole next season trying to hide it from the rest and the oafish, how could anybody hot and intelligent be enagaged to that retard guy. Yes that tension made us watch it, but why stop now. Steve Carrell is a master. I watched it for his comedic genius and Jenna Fischer's hotness. Since I'm dweebish like Jim. I especially liked it. The Office is not jumping the shark just yet.


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