Monday, April 09, 2007

Cool Brittania

If you have BBC America on your cable system -- and I have no idea how many cable systems actually carry it -- you must do yourself the favor of watching "Live Forever."

It's a recounting of the Britpop years of the mid-90s in England.

While it's entirely possible that the movie misses a lot -- well, it does miss a lot: we barely get one-second glimpses of Radiohead and Elastica, for instance, and if there was any mention of Portishead at all then I sure missed it -- but if you want to know about three bands in 13 letters (BlurPulpOasis) then this one is pretty good. In particular, lots of chat with Damon and Jarvis and Noel and Liam.

Jarvis is a complete treat to hear from: cleverly and wittily British. Damon is crustily and huskily British. Noel is self-aggrandizing and self-obsessed. Liam is ... well, Liam is a bit of a dolt now, i'nt 'e?


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