Monday, June 04, 2007

"Wait, One More Thing ...

... I know I signed the contract, and had the press conference, and the Magic started selling season tickets floggin' my mug, but I guess I'd really rather just stay at Florida. Is that OK?"

So Billy D. has announced that he will be staying in Gainesville for the rest of his career. I certainly wouldn't expect any more interest from the NBA anytime soon.

Do you suppose the Magic will also be letting the poor schmucks who clicked that season tickets link off the hook as well?

I suppose it won't make any difference for The Kid in the long run. It would be nice if recruits (and their parents) would take this into account (opposing coaches will be mentioning it), but they probably won't.

Strange story all around, but I suppose the Magic don't want a coach that doesn't want to actually coach them, and they can't afford the the PR hit of making the guy pay any price for making them look like fools, and so that's that.

I can't say it won't be fun to see Billy G. build a monster that will beat the crap out of this guy for year after year again. Doing it to Anthony Grant wouldn't be quite the same thing.


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