Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fightin' Crime, Remembering Nothin'

I know that Col. McCormick isn't there anymore, but if the continuing embarassment that is the Attorney General of the United States starts engendering editorials like this even in the Chicago Tribune, then you can bet that he's got something of a credibility problem.

Not that the brain-dead "Number 1 Crimefighter" would even notice.

At a hearing last week before the House Judiciary Committee, he evaded precise answers and professed a poor memory, while insisting that the decision to sack the prosecutors was utterly sound. The apparent administration hope is that by denying and stonewalling, Gonzales can not only save his job but eventually exhaust all interest in the matter.

This is not good enough. Serious charges have been leveled that undermine public confidence in federal law enforcement, and they have not been convincingly rebutted. To continue to try to shrug off the issue will only deepen suspicions that this administration has taken justice out of the Justice Department. ...

Because of these developments, public trust in the department is in serious jeopardy. The president and the attorney general now have the burden of demonstrating that the administration acted properly in this episode. So far, they show no sign of being able to.


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