Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Alberto No Mo

The Tribune hits the bulls-eye with its editorial this morning regarding the end of our long national nightmare -- otherwise known as the Alberto Gonzalez years.
But Gonzales was less the cause of the problem than a symptom of a deeper ill: the administration's unwillingness to recognize that the attorney general has to put the interests of the citizenry above the interests of his president or party. To politicize law enforcement is to risk forfeiting the public's basic faith in our system of government, by suggesting that prosecutions are just a matter of who's got power.
I imagine the President and his minions must understand how thoroughly cynical all of these political actions look to the public. I suspect that it's part of the purpose. Encouraging cynicism regarding government only serves their ends, even as they nuzzle up to rip off the treasury while it still has something left to give them.

The only thing that would be more thoroughly cynical than what has happened so far is if the timing of this resignation was all based on allowing the President to make a recess appointment of another toady who would never be able to get Senate confirmation.

Anyone want to bet against that?


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