Monday, August 01, 2005

Closing Escrow On The Farm

Nate is dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him!

Last week on Six Feet Under we saw Nate get laid. Next week we apparently get to see him laid out, since this week he woke up, toked up (at least in his dreams) and was finally taken out by the show's producers.

In his last few hours he did marshal enough brain power to tell his pregnant wife Brenda to take a final hike -- foreshadowed perhaps by the Corpse of the Week, who had earlier taken a literal final hike in the Santa Monica Mountains, only to wind up as Cougar food (not making this up)! -- clearing the way for him to resume his deep relationship with Miz Maggie. Unfortunately the grim reaper made a surprise (ummmm, not so much) return to Nate's bedside and I'm afraid that will be the last we'll see both of Nate (yeah!) and of Maggie's underwear (boo!).


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