Monday, September 26, 2005


Back from outer Beantown with a newly minted title: "Godfather."

Into Providence on Saturday afternoon, up the highway to Northborough for a dose of MassBQ and Ned's Red and a view of the Wanda's very nice colonial digs.

On Sunday, young Nedley Wanda was the easygoing star of the show -- never crying once during the service (or the whole weekend, that I can recall) -- renouncing the Devil and all of his works with the ease of rolling off a log.

The service was followed by brunch at the Beechwood Hotel in Worcester, which featured the single most chocolicious thing that has ever been made, seen or eaten: chocolate cobbler, a volcanic mess of brownie and chocolate syrup. Healthy eating took a brutal beatdown in that room, as this astoundingly yummy treat was merely the last (and best) in a seemingly endless parade of treats.

Thanks, Ned (and Mark & Alane) for the brunch, and don't forget: "Never tell anybody outside the family what you're thinking again."


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