Monday, January 23, 2006

And In Fake Election News...

While the real world Canada holds their elections, in the U.S. we're closing in on our fake election.

The one between Jimmy "Victor Sifuentes" Smits and Alan "Hawkeye" Alda, that is.

And it looks like it will be the last fake election we will see in this country -- at least until the quiver-carrying six-footer Geena Davis takes to the hustings on "Commander In Chief."

Yes, it appears that The West Wing will be wrapping it up after this season. Now, if you had told me this a year ago I probably would have said something witty along the lines of, "so?".

Fact is, though, that I've really been watching this season (having a DVR now doesn't hurt), and it's actually interesting. It's consistently pretty well written, and even the more outlandish episodes (like last night's nuclear accident storyline) somehow still ring true.

The recent life-imitating-art heart-attack death of John Spencer (who had an infarction on the show a couple of years ago) merely pushed a likely cancellation over a cliff, and I guess I'm happy that the show was able to rally to a strong finish.

Little doubt after last night's show, though, that Victor Sifuentes ... er, Matt Santos will soon become our first Latino fake President.


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