Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Sands Of Time

The Mildcats take the floor again today in Rupp Arena, and I hate to say it, but it's entirely possible that the season is on the line.

I know it's only January 14th, but consider that a loss would give them an 0-2 SEC start, with both losses at home. As bad as that would be in actuality, the psychological damage of another home loss would be much, much worse.

The last three outings have been disasters of biblical proportions -- a last-second home win over a decidedly mediocre Central Florida team, a 27-point thrashing in Lawrence, and a first-ever Rupp Arena loss to Vanderbilt (a game lowlighted by 9 points from the boys in the first 15 minutes) -- that have the UK message boards frothing with rage.

Now, understand that many of these are not people with the strongest grip on reality in the best of times. In times like this, forget about it. The fact is that this is a program which has dominated its conference over the past several years -- 4 championships & 2 2nds in the last 6 years -- and was two bad possessions (one offensive, one defensive) from the Final Four just last year.

And many, many of these people now want to fire the coach.

Insane? Yes.

The fact is, though, that the sands of time are running out on this season, which is why today's game is crucial. A win would put the team at 11-5, 1-1, with a couple of wins over Top-25 teams and a couple of losses to Top-25 teams. Not a great resume, but plenty of opportunity to still contend for the SEC title. A loss would mean an 0-2 start with 8 more road games awaiting.

The last time this team had a truly crucial game, the response was strong. This time, the stakes are even higher. Win, and positive possibilities are out there. Lose, and the sands of time will run out even further.


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