Sunday, January 15, 2006


Personally, I think it must be some sort of karmic payback for the White Sox, and the Bears, and the incredible roll that Illinois basketball has been on.

How else to explain the fact that all of a sudden Tubby Smith has completely forgotten how to coach, and Rajon Rondo has completely forgotten how to play the game of basketball?

The Listlesscats made it 3 in a row yesterday, opening the SEC season with two home losses, the latest to a depleted Alabama Crimson Tide.

Some good signs -- Tubby seems to have figured out that he needs to shorten his rotation (Bobby Perry didn't play at all), and the most promising (and exciting) part of the game was spent experimenting with a Nova-esque four-guard lineup.

Some bad signs -- the four-guard lineup was back in storage in the second half, and at crunch time both Randolph Morris (19 points) and Rajon Rondo were out of the game. Unfortunately for the Cats, Rondo was on the floor at the time. Coming out of a timeout with 30 seconds on the clock, 6 seconds on the shot clock and down 1, Rondo inexplicably pounded the ball until time was left only for a desperate fling.

Botched play? Brain cramp? Does it matter?

On the road to Georgia now.

Go Bears.


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