Saturday, January 28, 2006


Saw Feist at the Park West last night.

The opener was her BSS bandmate Jason Collett. His vibe perfectly matched the faded '70s decor of the Chicago landmark -- sounding like a bit of The Band crossed with a Tom Waits-ish growl. A very nice set, highlighted by five guitars (and a bass) on stage with a drumming Feist for "Feral Republic" (I think it was "Feral Republic," anyway).

Anyway, after the break, Feist came out alone for a tape-loop version of "When I Was A Young Girl." While her three-piece backing band was fine, the best parts of the show for me were her Billy Bragg-esque solo moments -- all raspy voice and scratchy guitar.

I guess what was most surprising about the show was her command of the stage. Diminutive as she is, she was easily able to keep the audience right in the palm of her hand. Noreen described her as a siren, who was able to keep every man in the crowd mesmerized.

Worked for me. Great show.


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