Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Howard On Howard

Well, Howard Reich has weighed in on the extra-terrestrial version of Howard Stern in the pages of the Tribune -- after one day.

The verdict?
The words tumbled out in a torrent--vulgar descriptions of body parts, bodily functions and the kinkiest sexual practices.
The speakers seemed to revel in the telling, reiterating the blue phrases like a mantra, then laughing uproariously at each repetition.
But was it funny? Was it supposed to be?
Now, I wasn't able to hear the first day (still working on getting all the pieces of my impending satellite radio put together -- some pieces are in short supply these days), but Reich's description is 100% unsurprising.

Everyone knew that the first day on satellite would consist of little else besides the c-word, the f-word and every other lettered word imaginable -- which is exactly why I'm not particularly upset that I missed the first day.

What Howard (Reich that is, not Stern) seems to have missed while interviewing Tom Dreesen (Tom Dreesen? -- do the lettered words WTF come to mind?) is that you're only going to be able to judge the new show after it's settled in for a while. Yes, the unfettered ability to cuss will be like a shiny new toy for a while, eventually the show is likely to settle into a groove that will be very similar in tone and content to the old one.

With a few lettered words thrown in for good measure.

And that's when I'll be listening.


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