Monday, January 30, 2006

More Feist

Bob Gendron positively reviews Friday's Feist show in the Tribune.
Without abandoning the soft demeanor of her current covers-heavy album, the Broken Social Scene member revealed a broader palette that took her beyond the indie-rock spectrum with which she's associated. In addition to shoring up familiar songs with greater dynamic presence and soul-baring intensity, Feist played a generous amount of newer, unreleased material that hinted she has Delta mud flowing through her veins.
The Sun-Times was a little more mixed.
While she seemed eager to present her familiar songs in unfamiliar ways, the altered approaches didn't play to her strengths. The studio version of her first and most memorable single "Mushaboom" is light, sprightly and insistently catchy, but her three-piece backing band seemed to rush it, and Feist didn't even bother to reach for the high notes.

But these missteps didn't overshadow the treat of hearing her Billie Holiday-via-Astrud Gilberto vocals in person and up close. And the as-yet unrecorded material she played should provide plenty of anticipation for what's in store: Like the a capella opener, the best of the new songs used loops to weave rich, rippling webs from her vocals, over which Feist sang and played guitar.


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