Friday, February 10, 2006

Gots Me Some Satellite

So my Christmas present was a Sirius Satellite Radio (Model S-50). That was cool. The downside was the scarcity of the home docking setup that allows you to listen at home.

I was finally able to track one down (thanks Abt), and it arrived yesterday.

As you may have guessed, very sweet. For a start, got to listen to Howard Stern this morning for the first time in a couple of months. Word was that the show was reveling in the newfound freedom to curse. Fact is, the show is pretty natural in its use of F-bombs (e.g., can you imitate Joe Pesci in Goodfellas without a few? Hell no!).

Stern is on from 5-9am (or so) here, with a West Coast rebroadcast from 9-1 -- so that's a lot of Howard.

As far as other stations go, I haven't been able to listen to many of them at much length so far -- but early favs are "First Wave" (New Wave/'80s -- playing Echo at the moment), "Left Of Center" (Indie Rock -- playing Test Icicles at the moment) and (of course) The CBC.

Only about 150 other stations to sample.


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