Monday, April 17, 2006


Well, we celebrated the Easter story in the most religious way possible -- driving to Minneapolis for a volleyball tournament!

Cait's club team played in a tournament at the Minneapolis Convention Center, along with 88 (or so) other such teams from Florida to Colorado (at least those were the furthest we saw).

Some pics from the tourney (click to enlarge):

Our hotel choice was dictated by the fact that we were bringing the dog along, but the Holiday Inn Metrodome actually turned out to be a great find.

Located in an area called Seven Corners, it was right on the edge of the University of Minnesota campus, but still close enough to walk to downtown. And the best part of Seven Corners is that there is a bar on every one of the seven corners -- although I only ever counted five corners, and this was before we visited any of them -- and they were packed every night (mostly students). Our fave wound up being the Town Hall Brewery, right next door to the hotel.

A view of Seven Corners:

As the hotel's name might suggest, they seem to do a lot of weekend business with fans coming in for games at the Metrodome, and we saw plenty of Yankees fans as well as Twin fans from the far-flung corners of the state.

Got a little sightseeing on Saturday morning. The wife & kids drove out to the Mall of America, while Tibby and I spent a couple of hours wandering around the U of M campus. U of I grads will feel very at home on campus, as it is virtually a clone -- right down to the quad (they call it "The Mall," anchored by an Auditorium on one end and the Union on the other. Some pics.

The campus perched on the river bluff:

The Northrup Auditorium:

The Coffman Memorial Union:

The Mall:

A boy and his dog:

A view of downtown from the campus (that's our hotel in front of the Metrodome):

A couple more very nice ones at Town Hall al fresco, and then back for more volleyball.

Sunday wrapped up the tournament and headed home. Beautiful weather the whole weekend and a very nice time for all -- even the doggie had a nice time.


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