Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Disturbing Story

From AOL Sports:
"Britney Spears could soon be getting up to some "lanky panky" with a 6ft 8in basketball player.

The pop princess is set to go out on a date with LA Lakers star Luke Walton. And his pals say they will be perfect partners – because Britney, 25, is fresh out of rehab and Luke, 27, is on the wagon during his team's run-in to the NBA play-offs.

"His people and her people are trying to thrash out a date when they can have a bite to eat and then we'll see what happens."
The disturbing part is not the use of "lanky panky" -- OK, that's pretty disturbing too -- but the idea that Luke Walton has "people."

Should Luke Walton have "people?"


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