Monday, June 04, 2007

Bloody Hell

The Sopranos picked up a great deal of steam last night, one week away from the series' finale.

Bobby Baccala? Dead!

Silvio Dante? (practically) Dead!

Phil Leotardo!?!? Dea... Oops, Not Dead! ("They call it 'gone to ground'." "Who does?")

And where is Tony Soprano? Still alive, but gone to the mattresses.

The internets are rife with speculation about next week's wrap-up. So many loose threads, so little time.

For me, Agent Harris has been making a few too many appearances lately to not figure into this somehow. In one way or another I see Tony, out of options and facing either coming in or going six feet under, turning himself into Witness Protection.

It just seems as though Sil's lead poisoning drastically closed the options for Tony to resume anything like his former life.

Also, no way we don't find out that Paulie Walnuts (and/or Patsy Parisi?) hasn't been (and still is) a mole for Phil Leotardo.

Best moment of the episode (one of the top five or ten in the show's run): Tony and Sil's Raging Bull pantomime when Cavalleria Rusticana comes on the Nuovo Vesuvio musak system. A fitting bookend to Sil's Michael impression from the first season.


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