Saturday, June 16, 2007

Episode The Final

And now comes the last to weigh in on The Sopranos' final episode.


I suppose it's a testament to something -- either the brilliance or the arrogance of David Chase's conclusion to the show -- that opinions on the ending ranged from one end of the spectrum to the other.

What we know.
  • Phil Leotardo has a flathead, and I'm not talking about his screwdriver set.
  • A.J. is a tool, and I'm not talking about a screwdriver here, either.
  • Carlo made like Olga Korbut and flipped.
  • Agent Harris is hairy, horny and maybe a little too invested in his surveillance targets.
  • Patsy Parisi's wife used to be "Angie" back in the day.
  • Janice is still self-obsessed and manipulative ... oh wait, that's everyone in the show.
  • A.J.'s new young thing is smokin' hot, as is his SUV.
  • Sometimes it can be very frustrating to get ketchup out of a bottle.
What we think we know.
  • The forevermore infamous blackout ending is indeed meant to tell us that Tony was whacked by the guy in the Member's Only jacket. There were just too many references to "not hearing a thing" and "everything going black" to make anything else a viable explanation. Add to that the fact that Gandolfini is on record as never wanting to play the character again, and it's pretty clear that Tony took one in the melon.
  • Meadow was on her way into Holsten's in order to tell her family that she was pregnant. Problems with her birth control ... problems parallel parking ... problems, problems, problems.
  • The real Holsten's does not appear to even have onion rings on the menu.
  • That Ade has apparently been reincarnated as a cat. I mean, what was with the cat? And if she was staring at Christofa was it because she still loved him or because she wanted to scratch his eyes out for ratting her out to Tony & Sil?
What we don't know.
  • Why so many people were either pissed off or disappointed by the ending. To me it seems deft and appropriate. The show was Tony's life, and with the end of that life comes blackness on the screen. No ending was about to satisfy everyone, but this was enough to satisfy me.


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