Monday, April 17, 2006

Another Guv Bites The Dust

To the long list of convicted felons who were also Governors of Illinois we can now officially add George Ryan.

Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the United States attorney who built the case over eight years, called the verdict gratifying but the widespread corruption that it revealed "disturbing."

"Mr. Ryan steered contracts worth millions of dollars to friends and took payments and vacations in return," Mr. Fitzgerald said. "When he was a sitting governor, he lied to the F.B.I. about this conduct and then he went out and did it again."

But Mr. Fitzgerald said the most appalling part of the corruption was Mr. Ryan's reaction upon learning that bribes were being paid for licenses, putting public safety in jeopardy. Instead of ending the practice he tried to end the investigation that had uncovered it, Mr. Fitzgerald said, calling the moment "a low-water mark for public service."

Mr. Ryan spoke briefly to reporters afterward, saying he was "disappointed" in the verdict.


At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm confused, isn't this SOP in Washington DC? Are you Illinois residents trying to hold your politicians to a higher standard than we hold our representatives at the national level?

Shame on you, Illinois snobs. Shame on you.....


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