Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Sopranos Goes Antiquing!

In what has surely become one of the stranger story lines in TV history, The Sopranos has decamped to Vermont for some johnnycakes & homemade sauseech.

A week after seemingly seeing his burgeoning role as heir apparent to Tony come crashing down with an unfortunate sighting in a leather bar, Vito: "The Wideguy" (really, is he any less wide than he was before? I'm not seein' it) takes on an even more pronounced role as Vito: "The Wideguy Who Is Now Out And Starting To Love His New Lifestyle."

Not since Ellen macked it up with Laura Dern has TV seen a character outed with as much notoriety as this one.

For the moment, The Wideguy seems to have made a decision to "Live Free or Die," while also perhaps making a decision to put his eye for antiques to its fullest expression.

Unfortunately for him, this is still The Sopranos, so chances are that his motto will soon be "Live Free -- for a little while and then, when you least expect it -- Die."


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